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Water heater

When hot water heaters break down, many businesses are unable to function, or are forced to close for health and safety reasons. In response to this issue, Bloomingdale Plumbing and Heating provides a vital 48-hour water heater replacement service. The service minimizes down time and loss of revenue. With access and lifting equipment on board, our dedicated install team is ready as soon as a problem arises. Our liaison with clients ensures a fast install with limited interruption. We can supply any make of boiler, but will offer an alternative if the manufacturers are not able to supply in the time available. Continually keep safe practices at heart any time it comes to water heaters. Do not store paints, solvents or even combustibles close to the appliance because of the evident danger associated with fire. Our aim at Bloomingdale Heating is to tailor the central heating system to suit your needs. The system should use no more fuel than necessary and always have the house at the temperature you desire. It should also provide all the hot water you need, when you need it.